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Prepared internally by the top staff at AEHI, the AEHI Newsletter is a great way to keep currrent with all of the events, meetings, happenings, and partenrships that AEHI is enjoying.  Each issue features a personal message from company CEO Don GIllispie and shareholders are treated to an inside perspective of how the comapny is functioniong and growing.  Subsciption is free and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Subscribers that wish to stop receiving the Newsletter can cancel easily at any time.




Past AEHI Newsletters


Historic Earthquake - Tsunami in Japan and its Nuclear Repercussions


Why There is Little to Fear with an Expansion of the US Nuclear Industry


Don Gillispie


March 15, 2011


The recent natural disaster, which has now reached historic proportions in Japan, is very saddening and our thoughts and prayers go out to those people who have been affected by this horrible tragedy.

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AEHI Signs $150M Funding Commitment With Institutional Investor Roswell Capital Partners to Fund Nuclear Power Plant Site

November 1, 2010: Alternate Energy Holdings (OTCQB:AEHI; announced today the signing of a $150M Equity Funding Facility with Alpharetta, Georgia based Roswell Capital Partners, which is designed to fund the initial phase of a nuclear power plant project in Payette County, Idaho. The funding proceeds will be applied towards the land, water rights and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission application.

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AEHI Offers Nuclear Desalination Systems to Pakistani Flood Victims

October 12, 2010 --  Don Gillispie, CEO of Idaho-based Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. has offered his company's commercial nuclear desalination systems to help Pakistan's flood victims at cost.  In a letter to Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, Gillispie stated that Green World Water (, an AEHI subsidiary that specializes in nuclear desalination systems, could assist in providing clean fresh water to the Pakistani flood victims.

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Alternate Energy Holdings' Nuclear Power Plant Endorsed by Payette Chamber of Commerce Click to view Chamber website

Sep 2, 2010 -- The Payette Chamber of Commerce announced its official endorsement of Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. and the company's plan to build a nuclear power plant in Payette County, Idaho.  

Over the past year the Chamber and its members have become keenly aware of AEHI and of how the company's endeavors will enhance and improve business and job opportunities in Payette County.

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AEHI Takes Steps To Uplist To Major Exchange


July 15, 2010 -- Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. announced July 15th the company is preparing for a move to a senior U.S. stock exchange in response to rapid progress towards local approval for the Company's planned nuclear reactor in Idaho, as well as growing global interest in the Company's Green World Water™ desalinization reactor.

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