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AEHI President J. Peter Honeysett

J. Peter Honeysett, President of Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. 


Pete Honeysett started his experience in the nuclear industry over 30 years ago with Florida Power and Light at their St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant in Jensen Beach, Florida. Three years after joining the company he earned his Reactor Operator license completing extensive training and passing rigorous examinations through the stringent Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) process. He later achieved distinction by earning his Senior Reactor Operator license. As a senior licensed operator he has been involved in all aspect of nuclear plant operations throughout his career including the responsibility of overseeing the operations of the two nuclear reactors at St. Lucie.

Honeysett was involved in the initial fueling and startup of the St. Lucie Unit 2 reactor. His duties at the nuclear facility included daily reactor operations, reactor refueling and start-up testing, operations training both in the classroom and simulator, procedure development and implementation, daily and refueling outage work control, plant maintenance activities and scheduling. During the course of plant operations he closely interfaced with Senior Management, Federal Regulators, Engineering, Licensing, Radiation Protection, Chemistry, Maintenance and the Plant Security departments.

Additionally he was instrumental in developing and implementing the formal reactivity management program at St. Lucie. The program has been instrumental in defining and providing guidance to other departments as to their responsibility concerning reactivity management and awareness during their day to day activities.

Honeysett was certified by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) in both the classroom and simulator for the development and training of reactor operators. As both an instructor and evaluator of current/future operators his methods are based on based industry practices, current operating philosophy, human performance/error reduction techniques, procedural compliance, reactor safety and accident mitigation. Recognized for his knowledge and experience he has participated with INPO Inspection Teams to evaluate and assist practical operation methodologies of other U.S. reactor sites.

In 2011, he joined Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. as the Director of Nuclear Projects with the primary responsibility of coordinating and directing activities associated with the nuclear power plant development project in Payette, Idaho and other projects as they relate to nuclear energy. He provides leadership and guidance on assigned projects including; project initiation, project controls, planning, execution and coordination to obtain a federal license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to construct and operate the Payette nuclear facility.


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