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Press Releases: All News 2007

AEHI News 2007

Dec  02 AEHI Receives $150 Million Private Placement Commitment Letter for Idaho Nuclear Reactor Project
Nov  08 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc, Acquires Wind, Solar and Geothermal Company
Oct  30 AEHI Offers to Help Developing Countries Build Nuclear Plants for Electricity and Fresh Water
Oct  11 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Plans Buyback of Up to 1 Million Shares
Oct  04 Alternate Energy Holdings' Proposed Nuclear Power Plant Poised to Provide Power for Idaho and U.S. West
Sep  26 Alternate Energy Holdings' Proposed Nuclear Plant Would Avoid 11.3 Million Tons of Carbon
Sep  18 Alternate Energy Holdings Announces Selection of CFO Rick Bucci
Sep  12 (OTC: AEHI) to Be Featured on "World Business Review"
Sep  11 Alternate Energy Holdings to Be Featured on Norman Schwarzkopf's "World Business Review" Television Series September 12
Sep  06 Alternate Energy Holdings Completes Audit and Plans 'Up-Listing' to OTC BB
Aug  30 (OTC: AEHI) CEO to Speak at Industry's Largest International Nuclear Conference
Aug  28 AEHI CEO to Be a Featured Speaker at Industry's Largest International Nuclear Conference
Aug  22 (OTC: AEHI) Leads New Reactor List for Nuclear Plant
Aug  21 AEHI Leads Nuclear Regulatory Commission's New Reactor List as First Green Field Commercial Nuclear Plant in Over 25 Years
Aug  15 AEHI Forms Alliance With Local Farmers to Co-Produce Methane at Its Proposed Advanced Nuclear Plant in Idaho
Jul  25 AEHI Selects UNISTAR NUCLEAR and Areva's U.S. EPR Advanced Nuclear Plant for the Idaho Energy Complex
Jul  17 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Gets County Green Light to Move Forward on Idaho Nuclear Plant
Jul  11 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Board Elects President and CEO Don Gillispie Chairman
Jun  26 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Secures $3.5 Billion in Funding for Proposed Idaho Energy Complex
Jun  21 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) CEO Interviewed on World Business Review
Jun  07 Alternate Energy Holdings to Be Featured on
May  30 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) to Be Featured on "21st Century Business"
Mar  30 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Begins Acquisition of Private Green Energy Companies
Mar  20 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Discusses Nuclear Plant Construction With Boise Based Washington Group International
Feb  22 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Joins the Nuclear Energy Institute
Feb  15 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Considers AREVA's EPR Design for Idaho Nuclear Construction
Feb  08 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Signs Land Purchase Agreement for Idaho Nuclear Construction
Jan  25 Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Seeks to Purchase Operating Nuclear Plant in the U.S.
Jan  18 Alternate Energy Holdings Officers and Directors Continue Not to Take Salaries or Bonuses

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