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Press Releases: All News 2010

2010 Press Releases

Dec  15 AEHI Confirms Temporary Suspension of Trading
Dec  13 AEHI CEO Don Gillispie To The Federal Government: Please Correct Approval Process and Loan Guarantees For Nuclear Plants In 2011
Dec  10 AEHI Receives Final P&Z Approval for Proposed Idaho Nuclear Power Plant
Dec  06 Alternate Energy Holdings CEO is Interviewed by CEOCFO
Dec  03 AEHI Receives Large Majority Support at Planning & Zoning Hearing for Nuclear Plant
Dec  02 AEHI Announces Overwhelming Written Support for Nuclear Site Rezone
Dec  01 AEHI CEO Donald Gillispie Honored as 2010 Businessman of the Year by Newt Gingrich at Election Night Dinner
Nov  29 AEHI CEO Don Gillispie Awarded Honorary Commander at Mountain Home Air Force Base
Nov  22 Wake Up America! We’re Falling Behind in Nuclear Power - AEHI CEO Provides Commentary on the State of Nuclear Power in the U.S.
Nov  17 AEHI Provides Financial Update and Key Business Successes
Nov  15 AEHI CEO Comments on Swedish Report Showing Nuclear as Clear Winner Over Wind
Nov  11 Alternate Energy Holdings CEO Invited to Speak at Key Nuclear Energy Conference
Nov  09 AEHI to Begin Final Local Approval Hearings for the Idaho Nuclear Power Plant Site
Nov  08 Alternate Energy Holding's CEO Don Gillispie interviewed by
Nov  02 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. CEO Don Gillispie Predicts Resurgence for Nuclear Power Following National Election
Nov  01 AEHI Signs $150 Million Funding Commitment with Institutional Investor Roswell Capital Partners to Fund Nuclear Power Plant Site
Oct  28 AEHI Secures Funding Facility for Idaho Nuclear Site
Oct  27 "AEHI Is Exactly What We Need In Payette County"
Oct  25 Alternate Energy Holdings Will Likely Benefit from November Elections, Global Energy and Water Crisis, says
Oct  19 Alternate Energy Holdings Unveils New Website
Oct  18 AEHI CEO Says Global Water Crisis Will Cause Growth In Market For Nuclear Desalination Plants
Oct  15 Alternate Energy Holdings Vetted and Recommended to Pinnacle Digest Subscribers
Oct  14 Alternate Energy Holdings Prepares for Final Rezone Phase in Payette County
Oct  11 Alternate Energy Holdings to Market Nuclear Desalination Reactors in West Africa
Oct  04 Nuclear Plants Produce Lower Cost Power than Other Forms of New Clean Energy, Such as Wind and Solar, says CEO of Alternate Energy Holdings
Sep  30 Alternate Energy Holdings Comments on Insider Buying Activity
Sep  28 AEHI Offers Nuclear Desalination Systems to Pakistani Flood Victims
Sep  27 Alternate Energy Holdings Resumes Trading on OTCBB Market
Sep  23 Alternate Energy Holdings Receives Endorsements From Every Mayor in Payette County, Idaho
Sep  21 Nuclear Power, the Best Answer to the World's Need for Clean, Inexpensive Energy, Says AEHI CEO
Sep  20 Nuclear Energy Will Help Meet Rising Electricity Demand, Create Jobs, Says AEHI CEO
Sep  14 India's Water Crisis Sparks Demand for AEHI's Nuclear Desalination Systems
Sep  08 Future is Bright for Mini Nuclear Plants According to Industry Experts
Sep  07 Alternate Energy Holdings Suspends Plans for a Reverse Stock Split
Sep  03 Need Jobs And Tax Revenue? Build Nuclear Power Power Plants, Says CEO of Alternate Energy Holdings
Sep  02 Alternate Energy Holdings' Nuclear Power Plant Endorsed by Payette Chamber of Commerce
Aug  31 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. CEO Makes Case for Nuclear Power
Aug  26 Oil Industry Needs Self-Regulation, Says Alternate Energy Holdings Inc. CEO
Aug  23 AEHI CEO Cites United Nations Data on Global Water Crisis and Urges Wider Use of Nuclear Desalination Reactors
Aug  19 AEHI Reaches Key Milestones in Nuclear Power Goals
Aug  16 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Cited as Stock Pick
Aug  15 AEHI Takes Steps to Uplist to Senior U.S. Stock Exchange
Aug  12 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.'s Green World Water(TM) Signs Negotiation Agreement With Tubestar Oil and Gas on Desalination System
Aug  11 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. CEO Sees Growth in Nuclear Energy Markets
Aug  10 AEHI Announces Payette County, Idaho as Exclusive Jurisdiction for Proposed Nuclear Power Plant
Aug  09 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Featured as Stock Pick by KonLin Investment Letter
Jul  28 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Signs Agreement on New Backup Nuclear Site in Idaho
Jul  22 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.'s Green World Water(TM) Announces Website Launch
Jul  15 AEHI Takes Steps to Uplist to Senior U.S. Stock Exchange
Jul  08 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.'s Energy Neutral(TM) Nominated for Idaho Smart Growth Award
Jul  01 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Expecting Approval From County Commissioners on Second Nuclear Power Plant Site
Jun  29 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.'s Green World Water Receives Strong Global Interest in Desalination Reactors
Jun  22 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Enters Final Phase of Approval Required in Idaho for Nuclear Power Plant
Jun  14 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Signs MOU With Hyperion Power to Manufacture Small, Modular Nuclear Reactors in China and Market World-Wide
Jun  09 AEHI Posts Presentation on
Jun  03 AEHI appoints key managment positions to oversee Energy Neutral™ and Green World Water™
May  25 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Executives Visit Mitsubishi Advanced Reactor Facility
May  20 AEHI Provides Business Update and Recap of Key Milestones
May  20 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Provides Update to Investors on Trading Status
May  18 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Signs Exclusive Deal With China Supplier to Market World's First Large Commercial Nuclear Desalinization Reactor
May  14 Alternate Energy Holdings to Present at Source Capital Group Small Cap Virtual Conference
May  12 Water, water everywhere (newspaper opinion piece)
May  11 Alternate Energy Holdings Receives Unanimous Commissioner Vote Specifically for Nuclear Plant on Industrial Site
May  06 Alternate Energy Holdings Engages Pillsbury as Corporate Counsel
May  04 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. is Catalyst Moving South Korea Into NRC Approval Process
May  03 Alternate Energy Holdings Announces Open House and Press Conference on Affordable Green Home From Energy Neutral
Apr  27 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. Clears Major Hurdle With Payette County for Proposed Idaho Nuclear Plant
Apr  23 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.'s Proposed Nuclear Plant Receives Another Approval in Elmore County, Idaho
Apr  20 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. China Signs Exclusive Agreement With Leading Chinese Manufacturer of Nuclear Reactor Containment Liners, Desalination Units, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Offshore Wind Power Equipment
Apr  14 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. is Optimistic About Upcoming Decisions in Payette & Elmore Counties
Apr  06 Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.'s Second Nuclear Site Continues to Move Forward in Idaho
Mar  30 Alternate Energy Holdings Provides 2009 Progress Summary
Mar  24 Nuclear Regulatory Commission recognizes AEHI project in Payette
Mar  24 Updated study for Payette site increases economic expectations for AEHI nuclear power plant
Mar  18 Alternate Energy Holding's Subsidiary, Energy Neutral, Unveils Model Energy Generating Home
Mar  09 Alternate Energy Holdings Retains Crescendo Communications as Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Advisor
Feb  23 Huge turnout for AEHI at Payette County Commission hearing
Feb  22 Korean government shows support for AEHI business deal
Feb  03 What the U.S. Should Really Fear About Nuclear Power (from September 2009 speech by Senator Lamar Hunt (R-Tenn)
Jan  27 President Obama pushes for nuclear power in 2010 State of the Union address, receives rousing applause
Jan  25 AEHI’s second Idaho nuclear site gets boost from Elmore County P&Z
Jan  14 AEHI CEO Don Gillispie interviewed on KBOI morning show (Right-click, then click on "save as" to save the audio file).
Jan  14 Payette P&Z votes to change comprehensive plan
Jan  09 Korean Prime Minister negotiates with AEHI
Jan  08 AEHI Moves to the OTC:BB Under the Symbol AEHI:OB
Jan  04 AEHI Expects to Close Deal to Import Korean Reactors in Early 2010

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